Monday, July 27, 2015


How many kinds of hugs can you think of? Depending upon the circumstances, hugs might express strong emotion or perhaps little emotion at all. Either way, they’re a form of so-called haptic communication. Here’re a few of them.

Bear hug: strong, hearty, and sometimes 
uplifting. Has versions in wrestling, social 
greeting, political theater, and amongst bears.
Affectionate hug: available free or for 
a fee (1, 2)
Wrestlers' bear hug
Kitty hug: opposite of  bear hug

Pet hug: Most doggies like hugs.
Political hug: a way politicians greet one other short of  declaring war. 
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer still – hug them, in fact. 
Manticore hug: not recommended
Sports hug: “We’ve been trying to annihilate each other but, hey, good game and its nothing personal, you understand.”

Group hug: “For we’re such jolly good fellows, and 
anyways we’re all drunk.” (In football, also known as the 

Christian side hug: "You'll see another side of me once 
we're out of this church.

Romantic hug: Mwah!

Comfort hug: when tragedy strikes, people need 
to lean on each other, literally, for support.

Hollywood romantic hug: “Now that
you’ve seen this, go see our movie.”

Hollywood mug hug: “Now that
you’ve seen this, go see our movie.”

Pound hug (pound shake, one-armed hug, dude hug,
homie hug, shug, hetero hug, bro grab, bro hug, thug
hug, man hug, hip-hop hug): a hug and a handshake
at the same time. “I’d just give you a hug, but you might
think I’m gay.”

Con hug: tricking some stranger into hugging you

Proto-hug: give ‘em a minute, and 
they might be hugging. 

Reluctant hug: “I’d rather have a high colonic 
than hug Abbas.”

No-hands hug: limited applicability but pretty convincing.

And, of course, if none of this interests you, there's always the...

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